Register for CLASSES or PRIVATE LESSONS by completing the form below. Classes and private lesson enrollment occur year-round (fall, winter, spring, summer). Tuition for classes and private lessons are paid monthly based on the number of sessions held during the school year and summertime.


FALL/WINTER/SPRING CLASSES 2023-24 monthly tuition for “returning” students is $76 or $80 for “new” students and $30 for annual books/supplies. CLASSES are held on TUESDAYS ONLY and are PIANO-based. Based on the student’s interests, other class activities include singing, movement with props, guitar, ukulele, small percussion, and bucket drumming. Classes are based on the school year calendar and begin on September 12 and end on May 28. Students can enroll at any time. Informal performances are held in December and May.


SUMMER CLASSES begin June 11, 2024 (10 weeks). Please advise vacations scheduled before registration to avoid paying for those classes. Tuition for SUMMER CLASSES is $220 and includes books/supplies.


PRIVATE LESSONS tuition ranges between $80-$120 per month, and each teacher determines students’ schedules, fees, guidelines, Etc.


Venmo, Cash, or check accepted. Missed classes or private lessons are not refunded.


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